Carmen Vallone as seen on HBO, CBS, Last Comic & Jamie Kennedy’s “Heckler” movie, with Dylan Walker

When spoken aloud, Carmen Vallone's name resonates as majestically as trumpets blown by the highest choir of angels in the kingdom of heaven. Don't worry though, his ticket price usually isn't any higher than about twelve bucks. With his enthusiastic smile, and happily twisted vision of everyday life, Carmen guides you through a night of [...]

Nick Harvey from MeMeTV and Funny Not Famous, with David Wayne

Nick Harvey is one of the funniest up and coming comics in the country. Originally from Jackson Tennessee, much of his witty brand of comedy comes from his many years of “formal training” as a class clown. His teachers didn't fully appreciate his brand of humor as crowds do today! He has shared the stage [...]

Jimmy Fontaine as seen on Amazon Prime, Afro Laughs and more, with Nik Macik

Jimmy Fontaine is an Actor, Comedian and Military Vet from Sumter, SC. His energy on screen & stage is unmatched. Jimmy’s comedy consists of stories of his life experiences and family upbringings. You may have seen him on Afro Laughs and various movies on Amazon Prime. You can also catch Jimmy performing stand up comedy [...]

Matt Fernandez, star of his own comedy special on Amazon, with Ricky Hicken

Matt Fernandez's approach to comedy comes off as detached and nonchalant. Originally from Tampa, Matt has opened for some of the biggest names in comedy (Jim Jefferies, Bill Burr, and Dave Chappelle to name a few). Not only has he written articles for College Humor and Playboy. He's also a 2nd City alum, and has [...]

Comedian TELLitLIKEitTIZ as seen on NBC, with David Noboa

Comedian TELLitLIKEitTIZ (Tell it like it TIZ) is thought to be one of the funniest comedians to grace the stage.  His energetic style and delivery have brought laughter to thousands all across the country.  TIZ has proved to be the perfect name for his character.  His ability to manipulate and bend the truth has provided [...]

Michael Oldroyd as seen on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Peacock, NBC, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, CBS, Disney +, Bravo TV and more, with Trevor Glassman

Mike is a comedian that brings warmth and charisma to the stage. He does terrific impressions/characters. He's performed in comedy clubs, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, private events, and various entertainment venues around the world. He is part Asian and part Caucasian, whichever gets him more work at the time. His goal has always been [...]

Nathan Wallace as seen on LMAO and The Lowdown, with Michael Jochims

Nathan Wallace comes fully armed with a wide smile and a wealth of material. Nathan interacts with the audience, shares off-the-cuff insights and welcomes everyone into his world with plenty of honest energy. In just a few short years, this blue-collar Dad has reached the top 100 of the World Series of Comedy, the finals [...]

JJ Curry from Funny Not Famous, Roku’s LMAO and more, with Jake Klark

From a small town call Dudley, Georgia. JJ Curry is a southern Air Force vet with a very optimistic views on life. JJ Curry have been getting his name across the southeast part of America with jokes of his upbringing and current event of his adulthood. He have proven that his words can be accepted [...]

Kojo Prince as seen on Showtime & Comedy Time Network, with Jay Legend

Kojo Prince comes from a long line of performers; Great Grandmother working in Vaudeville, Grandmother as an opera singer and Mother (Falumi Prince) as a featured singer with Harry Belafonte. His first appearance as a Comedian was at the Village Gate in Greenwich Village, NYC in 1992. From that point on he knew where his [...]