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Bonkerz Comedy is one of the most effective entertainment options that you can add to your venue!  Joe Sanfelippo is one of the founding fathers of Bonkerz Comedy Productions and he will share his wealth of knowledge of the comedy business with you. His 35 years of expertise will guide you through every step of the way to make comedy a huge success!

Bonkerz is a fantastic way to bring comedy to your venue! Do you have a space you don’t know what to do with?  Do you have a slow night in your venue or do you need a crowd earlier in the night?  Do you need help getting new customers? Are you are seeing nights that are not as profitable as you would like? Has karaoke night faded out?  Has Ladies night run its course?  Bonkerz Comedy Productions has the needed tools that will bring new and repeat customers into your establishment.

A Bonkerz comedy show can be the solution you need to get customers into your venue as the main event or before your prime-time band or DJ, giving you more time to generate revenue and the ability to retain people for an entire evening out!  A Bonkerz comedy show set up is really simple…”A Mic and a Light!”

Bonkerz Comedy Productions provides a 2-act, stand-up comedy show and all of the headlining comedians have promotable TV and/or Movie credits. We will include your venue on our website, social media and national promotions including official auditions for National TV.

Bonkerz has developed a very successful Hot Lead and Birthday Party program.  We can train your staff to implement these programs for you.  We can help you establish, maintain and operate both email and text databases to help consistently fill your venue.  Bonkerz will consult on promotion and marketing as needed and provide branding material including logos, stage signage and and extensive branding templates for posters, tickets, social media, flyers, etc.

With over 2 dozen locations nationwide and over 400 Bonkerz approved comedians on our roster we can always provide a great show and even tailor make events for you! As a revenue generator for a Casino, Hotel Lounge, Nightclub, Restaurant or Family Entertainment Center, Bonkerz Comedy Productions is a stellar fit when you merge your brand with us!

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Go Bonkerz!

Bonkerz Comedy is one of the most effective entertainment options that you can add to your venue!
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