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This Privacy Policy is intended to help users of the Bonkerz Ticketing Service (“you”) understand how Entertainment Destination, Inc (“we”) use cookies and similar tracking technology. By using the Bonkerz Ticketing Service, you are consenting to the use of such technology as set forth in this policy.

1. What are cookies?

HTTP Cookies, or simply Cookies, are small files from websites that are stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing that site. Cookies enable websites to identify your device for a period of time. For example, cookies are often used to designate that you have logged in to a site thereby preventing you from needing to continually log in each time you visit a page on that site.

2. Why does Entertainment Destination, Inc use cookies?

As stated in our Privacy Policy Entertainment Destination, Inc utilizes cookies and similar tracking techniques to recognize your device for functional, marketing, and analytics purposes to improve our service.

  • Functional Purposes:Entertainment Destination, Inc relies heavily on cookies for functional reasons. For example, cookies are used to identify your device in order to keep track of what tickets are in your cart as opposed to someone else’s cart. Entertainment Destination, Inc also uses cookies when you log into Bonkerz Ticketing services to keep you logged in for a period of time. Entertainment Destination, Inc may also use it to keep track of preferences, like which language you prefer.
  • Marketing Purposes:Entertainment Destination, Inc (” also uses cookies for marketing and advertisement purposes. For example, Entertainment Destination, Inc may use cookies to measure the effectiveness of advertisements or to remember when Entertainment Destination, Inc should no longer present you with particular advertisements.
  • Analytics Purposes:Entertainment Destination, Inc also uses cookies to better understand how users engage with the service in order to improve our service. For example, Entertainment Destination, Inc may use cookies to understand what pages you visited, what pages gave you difficulty, and which versions of our software were more effective or user friendly.

3. How does Entertainment Destination, Inc use cookies?

Entertainment Destination, Inc uses third party services that may also use cookies. Below is Entertainment Destination, Inc’s cookie table outlining those third parties and links to their own privacy or cookie polices.

Cookie Table

4. Can I control the use of cookies?

You have the right to control the use of cookies. To opt out of using cookies for third parties, please refer to the instructions for the individual products listed in the Cookie Table above. Alternatively, you can also use your browser to reject cookies. For your convenience, you can find links for how to control cookies for popular browsers below. Entertainment Destination, Inc. is not responsible for the content of these browser support articles or their accuracy. You can always refer to the Help documentation within your browser for more support.

You may also use your browser’s built in functionality to reject or otherwise control cookies for the Bonkerz Comedy site, however, blocking cookies for and its affiliated sub-domains may limit the functionality of the site including your ability to purchase tickets or log into your accounts.

5. What if I have further questions?

If you have further questions about data privacy at Entertainment Destination, Inc, please read the Entertainment Destination, Inc Privacy Policy. Please direct any additional questions you may have to

Updated September 18th, 2019