Bonkerz Seal of Approval

The Bonkerz Seal Of Approval

Google defines Seal of Approval as a status or a recognition given to a product, service, or concept that meets certain criteria created by an organization or person.

The Bonkerz Seal of Approval is required before any comic can work for Bonkerz.  These requirements include a commitment to professionalism, as well as providing a great experience for the audience. Bonkerz’ comics are given an itinerary for each venue that outlines show times, content requirements, contact information, lodging details and even a minimum time frame they must appear at the venue before the show.

Bonkerz’ comics typically work multiple Bonkerz venues every year.  Some of our headlining comedians work as much as half of their calendar year just working for us.  Their actions at each of our venues relates to their employment at all of our venues.  Doing a good job in one location is how they earn the opportunity to work all of our locations.  The converse is also true, so you can rest assured that the Bonkerz Seal of Approval is not easily earned and something that comics must maintain in order to perform at any and all Bonkerz locations.