Client Testimonials

Bonkerz Comedy Productions has had the privilege to work with many great people over the years.  Below are what a few of our clients have to say about Bonkerz Comedy Productions.  They all enjoy working with Bonkerz and so will you!

“We couldn’t be more pleased with every aspect of our visit and taping at Bonkerz.”
Ken Weinstock, Executive Producer, Showtime Network
“Bonkerz has created the entertainment niche we were looking for. Bonkerz helps retain guests as well as attract local business. The line-up of outstanding comedians keeps the show fresh and appealing. We have also been successful in using Bonkerz to provide big name celebrity comedians and add value to our sales groups.”
Bob Rech, Entertainment Director, Potawatomi Bingo and Casino, Milwaukee, WI
“We have a venue within our entertainment complex that needed to increase weekend revenue. Bonkerz stepped in with its multi-faceted comedy system and has provided the solution for the past 6 years and counting. We are pleased that our partnership has evolved into other locations and an additional revenue source for our location.”
Adam Kleinhenz, Vice President of Regional Operations, Trifecta Management and Boardwalk Entertainment
“Our Inter-Track Wagering Building, facing stiff competition in the highly competitive gambling market, needed to bring in additional revenue and new faces. We found that the addition of a Bonkerz Comedy Club helped us achieve both goals. In addition to boosting our weekend entertainment presence, Bonkerz has brought us in a new revenue stream, and new young faces, while keeping our customers laughing.”
Howard Ostrum, General Manager, Ocala Breeders Club, Ocala, FL
“We wanted to provide a great quality affordable entertainment solution for our patrons. Bonkerz guided us through the entire process including an under-utilized space that we were able to convert into a comedy venue.”
Cathy Tillett, Regional Marketing Director , Golden Gaming, Pahrump, NV and Cumberland, MD
“Bonkerz has been providing entertainment consulting to the Plaza for the past 3 years. They always do a fantastic job for us and their data-base program is very effective.”
Michele Marsee, Marketing & Sales Director, The Plaza Casino, Las Vegas, NV
“We had an underutilized space and Bonkerz fixed the problem by successfully filling our theater with hilarious comedians every weekend. Cost effective for a small venue and extremely easy to operate. Bonkerz generates 3 to 4 times ROI every week.”
Tim Blondheim, General Manager, Hermit Theater and Hofbrauhaus, Cleveland, OH
“Bonkerz helps us to drive mid-week traffic. We operate multiple venues in Downtown Orlando’s busiest entertainment district and Bonkerz is an easy, go-to promotion.”
George Maltezos, Managing Partner, Beacham Theater, Orlando, FL
“Bonkerz provides a great product to keep existing customers, while generating new ones at the same time. Bonkerz is branded company-wide with Latitude 360.”
Joe Davis, Director of Operations, Latitude 360, Florida, Indiana and Pennsylvania
“Our 300 seat live venue needed a dedicated promotion for Sunday nights. Bonkerz has been providing first rate comedy entertainment and filling that need since 2008.”
Angie Shiverski, Entertainment Manager, Island Casino, Harris, MI
“I highly recommend Bonkerz as an avenue to increase your lounge revenue, they helped me increase mine by 150%! Their unique approach of creative promotions, telemarketing and office parties, combined with highly talented and professional comedians makes Bonkerz a winning team.”
Frank Fry, Area General Manager, Sage Properties
“Bonkerz provides hilarious shows and continues to be the main entertainment attraction in our casino.”
Jesus Aviles, President, Mystique Casino, Dubuque, IA