Celebrity Endorsements

Bonkerz Comedy Productions has worked with many celebrity comedians over the years.  In fact, we’ve cooked dinner for so many famous comedians that we could have our own show on the food channel.  Here’s what they have to say about us.  They all enjoy working with Bonkerz and so will you!

“I am on original Bonkerz success story and there’s a lot of them. And what’s cool is my dear friend Joe Sanfelippo, books Bonkerz Comedy Club and owns it. He’s now got a bunch of things out in Vegas and around the country. We work in collaboration … 25 years later we’re still doing the same stuff together and it’s really nice.”
Billy Gardell
“Bonkerz was the first comedy club I played in Orlando and the first club to pay me to headline. Larry the Cable Guy, Daniel Tosh, Darrell Hammond, Billy Gardell — to think all of us came out that that club.”
Carrot Top
“My daughter is the star. I’m just the warm-up. You guys are the best!”
Don & Mindy Rickles
“I’ve been working with Bonkerz for the past 25 years, and laugh by laugh they have built a solid comedy foundation based on honoring the craft of laughter. In the beginning they swore by me, now I swear by them.”
Tommy Davidson
“Working with the Joe & Margaret has been wonderful, they’ve taken very good care of me & we’ve eaten at all the best restaurants & I mean all of them! I love them!”
Louie Anderson
“I’ve been with Bonkerz since the very beginning. From open mic nights and hosting to a number of my very first paid gigs and headline spots, the Sanfelippo’s have always believed in me. Bonkerz will always Get er Done!”
Dan Whitney A.K.A Larry the Cable Guy
“Joe, every time we work together is amazing. It’s like 1988 all over again!”
Andrew Dice Clay
“My very first time on stage, my first headline gig and my first Showtime special all happened at Bonkerz!”
Darrell Hammond