Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld at Bonkerz

JERRY SEINFELD  is one of the most honest and thoughtful comics I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  After the first season of Seinfeld, Jerry was doing a limited stand-up tour and was probably the hottest stand-up in America.  Bonkerz was lucky enough to get a date due to our friendship and connection to Rick Messina.

Our Orlando club, at that time, was attached to JJ Whispers night club which could hold 600 people in their main room.  We decided to take a chance since we could sell 1200 tickets between two shows in the same night.  Even though it would take that many tickets just to break even, we went for it based on the promotional value of the event.

The night of the performance the first show was sold out, but the second show was unexpectedly light.  After the show I went to pay Jerry the balance we owed (a 50% deposit had already been sent).  Jerry asked me point blank if we were going to lose money on the night.  I told him we would, but that we were still thrilled that he worked our club.

Jerry handed me back my check.  He said that he could see we put a lot of money into advertising and production.  He didn’t want us to take a big loss and literally refused to accept the rest of his money.  He is a true gentleman and professional.  We have never forgotten his kindness and consideration.